Es Devlin to design interactive Poem Pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020

Brit­ish set design­er Es Devlin has been chosen to cre­ate the UK Pavil­ion at the Dubai Expo 2020, with a per­form­at­ive struc­ture that will use arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence to write poems.

Called the Poem Pavil­ion, the struc­ture will be the first UK Pavil­ion cre­ated by a female design­er. It will fea­ture an illu­min­ated “mes­sage to space” made up of numer­ous AI-gen­er­ated poems, which the Expo’s anti­cip­ated 25 mil­lion vis­it­ors will be invited to con­trib­ute to.
The 20-metre-high, cone-shaped pavil­ion will be made up of rows of pro­trud­ing slats that extend out­wards from one cent­ral point to form a cir­cu­lar facade. Poems lit up in LEDs will scroll across the facade.

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