Edmond De Belamy

The shad­ows of the demons of com­plex­ity awaken by fam­ily are haunt­ing me.
Everything was so simple back then.
Exhib­i­tion : Chrisite’s New York
Own­er : Anonym­ous
Auc­tionned Price : 432 000$

Christie’s sells AI-cre­ated art­work painted using algorithm for $432,000
2018년 10월 29일 기사

An art­work cre­ated by Par­is-based art col­lect­ive Obvi­ous using arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence has been sold at Christie’s auc­tion house in New York for nearly half a mil­lion dol­lars.

The AI paint­ing, titled Por­trait of Edmond de Belamy, sold for for $432,000 (£337,000) – more than 40 times the estim­ated selling price of $7,000 to $10,000.

Christie’s became the first auc­tion house to put an art­work gen­er­ated by an algorithm under the ham­mer, when the abstract por­trait was sold by the company’s New York branch.

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