Generative Art Conference

Gen­er­at­ive Art is the idea real­ized as genet­ic code of arti­fi­cial events, as con­struc­tion of dynam­ic com­plex sys­tems able to gen­er­ate end­less vari­ations.
Each Gen­er­at­ive Pro­ject is a concept-soft­ware that works pro­du­cing unique and non-repeat­able events, like music, images or 3D Objects, as pos­sible and man­i­fold expres­sions of the gen­er­at­ing idea strongly recog­niz­able as a vis­ion belong­ing to an artist / design­er / musi­cian / archi­tect /mathematician.
This gen­er­at­ive Idea / human-cre­at­ive-act make an unpre­dict­able, amaz­ing and end­less expan­sion of human cre­ativ­ity. We can cre­ate spe­cies of events with a recog­niz­able iden­tity, fol­low­ing our vis­ion. Com­puters are simply the tools for its stor­age in memory and exe­cu­tion.
This approach opens a new era in Art, Design and Com­pos­i­tion: the chal­lenge of a new nat­ur­al­ness of the arti­fi­cial event as a mir­ror of Nature. Vari­ations, like in Bach music, are the best strong com­mu­nic­a­tion of the Idea. Once more man emu­lates Nature, as in the act of mak­ing Art.
This approach sud­denly opened the pos­sib­il­ity to redis­cov­er pos­sible fields of human cre­ativ­ity that would be unthink­able without com­puter tools. If these tools, at the begin­ning of the com­puter era, seemed to extin­guish the human cre­ativ­ity, today, with he gen­er­at­ive approach, dir­ectly oper­ates on codes of Har­mony and on codes of Iden­tity. They become tools that open new fields and enhance our under­stand­ing of cre­ativ­ity as an indis­sol­uble syn­thes­is between art and sci­ence.
After two hun­dred years of the old indus­tri­al era of neces­sar­ily cloned objects, music, archi­tec­tures, com­mu­nic­a­tions the one-of-a-kind object becomes an essen­tial answer to emer­gent con­tem­por­ary aes­thet­ic­al needs.

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