Hidden Portraits: 15 artists work with IBM Watson

Vir­tu­al tour of the exhib­i­tion: https://www.ibm.com/watson/artwithwatson/hidden_portraits.html

Innovation leads one to see the new in the old.”

–Paul Rand, icon­ic graph­ic design­er and art dir­ect­or

Can a machine make you think about what’s hidden in the familiar?

Wat­son ana­lyzes vast amounts of data to find pre­vi­ously unseen insights. What can he find in the data of some of the world’s most influ­en­tial fig­ures? Can Wat­son dis­cov­er things about them that we didn’t already know?

Art with Wat­son teams up estab­lished artists with Wat­son, and uses data to dis­cov­er and illu­min­ate the unknown essence of six not­able indi­vidu­als – Charles Dar­win, Elean­or Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Paul Rand, Josephine Baker and Thomas J. Wat­son. An explor­a­tion that makes data ana­lys­is, and the hid­den con­nec­tions it reveals, an actu­al art form.

How Watson and the artists turned data into art

Step 1: Wat­son read vast amounts of data relat­ing to each por­trait sub­ject – writ­ings, let­ters, speeches, sketches, pho­tos, hand­writ­ten notes, even music.

Step 2: Wat­son ana­lyzed struc­tured and unstruc­tured data to find insights even the world’s experts haven’t been able to uncov­er.

Step 3: Artists were com­mis­sioned to inter­pret the most pro­voc­at­ive of Watson’s find­ings.

Step 4: Inspired by Watson’s dis­cov­er­ies, the artists cre­ated por­traits illu­min­at­ing the newly uncovered nature of their sub­jects.

출처: https://www.ibm.com/watson/artwithwatson/

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